Follow-up Phase

Contact Information Updates

We want to stay in touch with you to share study results over time and to see how you are doing. Please respond to our requests for updated contact information and let us know if your information changes. You can update or confirm your contact information at any time by visiting the Updates page of our website, calling our toll-free study hotline (1-855-644-4853; 1-855-NIH-GULF), or emailing the study center at (

Telephone Interviews

You may be invited to take part in follow-up interviews that will help us understand the ongoing physical and mental health effects of the spill. We have already completed one round of follow-up telephone interviews. Nearly 3,500 of you completed a study clinical exam. The next telephone interviews are set to begin in Spring 2017. If you are contacted, please participate. The information you share will also help to shape the ongoing response to this disaster, as well as the response to future oil spills.

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