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Worker Groups and Representative Tasks of GuLF STUDY Participants


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  Worked ≥ 1 Day on Spill
N = 24,937
Worker Group N %
Aerial crew
Food service
Onsite / offsite driver
Office work
4,564 18.3
All jobs on vessels that could see
All jobs on rig vessels drilling the relief well
Environmental sampling in the water
4,479 18.0
Refueling vehicles
Maintain equipment and pumps
Heavy equipment operator
4,371 17.5
Cleanup on Water
Search for / collect oil from the water
On a vessel handling boom
On a vessel skimming oil
On a vessel burning oil
4,328 17.4
Cleanup on Land
Cleaning / Removing oil from beaches, marshes, and other shoreline structures
Patrolled beaches and marshes
Repaired oily boom
3,634 14.6
Decontaminate vessels, boom, tanks, structures
Handled / cleaned wildlife
Ice pellet removal
Used low / high pressure sprayer
3,561 14.3

Worker Groups are based on the level of potential exposure to oil spill chemicals; workers are placed in a group based on their self-reported job with the highest potential exposure. Groups are sorted from highest to lowest frequency of potential exposure.

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